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A.I.T. is a non-invasive health assessment system that uses the arm as an indicator. It provides an extraordinary, accurate assessment of the bodies energetic health and stressors, based on the energetic function of the acupuncture Meridian systems.

A.I.T. is technique developed by biochemist Daniel Newell, AP, MS, CN, one of the country's foremost authorities in the clinical application of Standard Process products. A.I.T. is a comprehensive system of evaluating your personal nutritional needs, combining both Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) and kinesiological (muscle) testing, in a highly sophisticated system of energetic systemic nutritional analysis.

Testing begins by identifying the systems of the body that are under stress: central and peripheral nervous system, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, musculo- skeletal, digestive, hepatic, respiratory, renal and other physiological systems.

Homeopathic nosodes, nutrition and herbal supplement test vials are used to help identify the underlying energetic stressors that are causing imbalances or stress in various parts of the body. A.I.T. helps to identify and verify the most specific and effective combination/dosage of nutritional supplements that will support the areas of the body that are stressed and to support balancing the underlying energetic stressors. Then, by monitor the changes that occur over time and identify appropriate adjustments to the individualized protocol, as a person becomes more balanced. The result is a specific, directed and highly effective program of clinically-designed nutritional program available to achieve optimal health goals.